Release of LED bi-pin lamp

MarulaLED officially released their Spica lamp this week, a 1W LED lamp for the replacement of 10W bi-pin 12V GU4 halogen capsule. Based on MarulaLED's patent-pending SlimDrive™ technology, the Spica is the smallest LED bi-pin lamp on the market that offers broad compatibility across magnetic and electronic transformers.

The Spica is thus a true retrofit lamp, as it:-

(i)   fits into all halogen bi-pin holders/reflectors,
(ii)  has an optical centre that is at the same position as the halogen capsule's optical centre, and therefore works optimally in the halogen reflector in which it is fitted
(iii) works on most halogen transformers (magnetic or electronic).

The Spica makes use of 5 high quality Osram LEDs.

The first roll-out of the Spica was for a project undertaken for Vida e Caffè, a South African coffee shop chain. The project was undertaken by SmartLED Lighting, a distributor and OEM partner of MarulaLED. It involved the replacement of all 50W MR16 GU5.3 lamps and 10W bi-pin GU4 halogen capsules across most of Vida's shops nationwide. The MR16 and bi-pin halogens were replaced with MarulaLED's Capella and Spica lamps respectively. In addition, AR111 fittings in the shops were adapted by SmartLED Lighting to house MarulaLED's standard Capella. The project qualified for rebates from Eskom (South Africa's electricity public utility) under their Integrated Demand Management (IDM) Standard Product programme.

Patrick Brady from SmartLED Lighting said “Vida initially tried a number of LED lamps to replace their 10W halogen bi-pin capsules, but battled to find a true retrofit. Most of the LED bi-pin capsules they tried did not work consistently with the existing halogen electronic transformers, and so did not provide a simple “plug and play” solution. The Philips LED capsule with its intelligent driver, worked with the halogen electronic transformers, but the capsule was too large and bulky to fit into the existing halogen lamp holders installed in the Vida shops. Only MarulaLED's Spica provided a true retrofit solution and could be installed without changing the existing lamp holders or electronic transformers. We were committed to using a locally-produced product for this project, as it was supported by Eskom subsidies that are funded by the South African taxpayer”.