Marulatech's Ruud de Vaal is runner-up in Popular Mechanics Inventor of the Year

Ruud de Vaal was announced as the runner-up in the Cutting Edge category of the 2011 Popular Mechanics Inventor of the Year competition. This award was for his design and development of a revolutionary cooling technology for light emitting diodes (LEDs) used in general lighting applications. This novel technology has a patent pending, filed with the International Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) Receiving Office (application PCT/IB2012/050693).

Marulatech has trademarked this technology under the name CoolTube™. The technology eliminates the need for the bulky, heavy, ugly and costly heat sinks typically used for thermal management of LEDs, allowing for the design of compact, low weight, fit-for-purpose LED lamps and luminaires.

Recent international exposure of CoolTube™ technology has seen interest from companies wanting either to license the technology for utilisation in their own LED lighting designs or to purchase CoolTube-based light engines for integration into their existing or newly-designed LED luminaires. Please contact us for further information on these options.