MarulaLED's light engines now available with colour or beam angle tuning capability

MarulaLED's light engines can now be ordered in versions that provide either colour or beam angle tuning capability, to supplement the dimming functionality already available on MarulaLED's light engines.

Colour tuning allows for electronic tuning of the colour temperature of the light engine. Standard colour ranges of the tunable versions include warm to natural white or natural to cool white, although customizations of the tunable colour ranges are available on request.

An Avior 60 light engine with colour tuning capability was used in the design and development of the Marula GoosePuc32 pendant luminaire (developed together with our OEM Lighting Manufacturer partner, Mega-Lite). This luminaire was entered into the United States Department of Energy sponsored Next Generation Luminaires™ (NGL) Solid State Lighting (SSL) Design Competition.

The beam angle spread can be electronically tuned in standard ranges from narrow to medium beam or from medium to wide beam; again, customisation of the tunable range is also possible for large order quantities.

An Avior 180 light engine with beam angle tuning capability was used in the design of the Marula LB86 retail low bay (also developed together with Mega-Lite and entered into the Next Generation Luminaire competition).

Two different control options are available for dimming, colour tuning and beam angle tuning. An on-board input connector allows for direct input of pulse width modulation (PWM) control signals and an on-board receiver allows for input of infra-red remote control signals. A DALI interface is under development.