MarulaLED release the Sirius family of light engines

The Sirius family of CoolTube-based light engines provide solutions for lighting OEMs looking for LED light sources to utilize in their reflector-based LED luminaires. In contrast to the Avior family, the Sirius light engines are lens-less (no secondary lenses) and therefore need to be used with a reflector for beam forming. Typical applications are low and high bay luminaires. The luminaires produced are compact, light-weight and very stylish, as they do not have the large aluminium heat sink sitting on top of the luminaire, as typically found in most high-power heat-sink-cooled LED luminaires.

The Sirius 100 is a 100W maximum-rated engine providing approximately 9000 lumens of light output (dependent on colour temperature). The Sirius light engines are based on Philips LumiLED's Luxeon-M LEDs.

MarulaLED's distributor and OEM partner, Chameleon Colour Lighting, was the first customer of the Sirius 100 engine. They utilized the engine to design and manufacture a high bay luminaire that they utilized for a project that replaced the 400W sodium vapour low bays throughout Giant Hyper, a warehouse-type retail store in Cape Town. Chameleon also made use of MarulaLED's Lynx 4 linear light engines for producting LED strips that were used for lighting of merchandise on Giant Hyper's shelves. Eskom IDM programme rebates were obtained for the efficiency improvements derived from the implementation of this project.