Led to the City of Angels - The LED Show 2014

Last month, between 16 -18 September, over two thousand architects, engineers, home builders, designers, manufacturers and other interested parties gathered in the Los Angeles Convention Centre to exhibit and learn about new developments and changes in major areas of the fast-growing global LED industry.

Much like the previous year’s show, MarulaLED’s technology was met with a promising degree of enthusiasm. “Our brand is starting to get some recognition,” says Colin Andrew, the company’s Business Development Director, “we had a lot of repeat visits from visitors we had met at the LED Show 2013 in Vegas.” 

The Spica bi-pin sparkling under water

First on display was the Spica 1W LED bi-pin, an increasingly popular replacement for a 5W or 10W halogen bi-pin. Beyond SlimDrive™, the underlying technology that gives it its broad transformer compatibility, the Spica’s aesthetics, small size and similarity in light-output to the halogen lamp it replaces, never fail to impress.

Equally admired is the Spica’s impermeability: as it happens, the lamp is used extensively in the US for landscape lighting, but existing bi-pins on the market do not actually last in outdoor weather conditions. With the water-resistant Spica bi-pins casually submerged in a glass of water on this year’s display, requests for trial samples from potential customers kept rolling in.

Also on display was the Capella 7W LED MR16 lamp, a replacement lamp for a 35W or 50W halogen down-lighter lamp and the showcase product for MaulraLED’s FreeDim™ technology. With the unswerving admiration for the product’s inter-changeable lenses and FreeDim™ dimming features, serious talks of utilising FreeDim™ technology in an extended range of products other than the Capella are underway. “There were also many requests for a FreeDim based GU10,” says Andrew. 

Finally, CoolTube™ thermal management technology was demonstrated as both stand-alone light engines for retrofit applications and integrated into various types of LED luminaires. Strong interest in the former got MarulaLED looking at customisation of some light engines to answer the particular application needs of potential customers.

As MarulaLED works towards opening its very own San Francisco office in the near future, Technical Director Ruud de Vaal notes that “in stark contrast to European shows where local products and innovations tend to be plentiful, the dominance of far-eastern products and lack of local competition at this year’s show increased the team’s appetite for the American market.”

And speaking of LA, LED lighting and good momentum, perhaps we’re ought to mention that MarulaLED recently provided some special-effects LED lighting solutions for a fast-paced action film titled ‘Momentum’ due on the big circuit sometime next year. Shot in Cape Town and directed by Hollywood’s Stephen S. Campanelli, the film stars Olga Kurylenko – previously a Bond girl opposite Daniel Craig in Quantum of Solace (2008) and ‘Julia’ opposite Tom Cruise in Oblivion (2013) - in her very first leading role.