Illuminotronica 2014

The Padova Fair and Conference Centre - situated in the picturesque university city of Padua outside Venice - is where architects, lighting designers, energy managers, buyers, installers, producers, and other lighting practitioners flocked this October to attend the premier lighting event in Italy, Illuminotronica. The annual event, organised by Tecnoimprese, showcases the latest developments in LED lighting and allows practitioners the opportunity to network with regional and international operators in the solid-state lighting (SSL) sector.

MarulaLED has a tradition of naming its LED lamps, light engines and luminaires after stars and constellations. So it was a pleasant surprise to learn while in Padua that the city was once the home of the famous astronomer, Galileo Galilei.

Our presence at Illuminotronica was a great success, evidenced by the shower of compliments from visitors to our stand and the praise passed onto us by Tecnoimprese’s Diego Giordani, one of the main organisers of the event, who collated the feedback he received on MarulaLED's exhibition from the many visitors to the show. 

First to entice visitors at the company’s booth was the Spica 1W LED bi-pin. This is a similar-sized, water-resistant and increasingly prevalent replacement for a 5W or 10W halogen bi-pin. It’s broad transformer compatibility is enabled by the company's SlimDrive™ technology.

“SlimDrive™ is absolutely fascinating,” was the feedback from Soraa’s European Sales Manager, Mario Gsellman. He commented further by saying “the results are more than just satisfying. It solves a common transformer compatibility problem that a lot of companies encounter and a lot of them [will] now want to have SlimDrive™ integrated into their products to grow their business faster.”

Subsequent discussions around SlimDrive™ being integrated into Soraa’s lamps and/or the utilisation of MarulaLED’s soon-to-be-released LED Aid™ product are under way. With much interest in the company’s Spica product, several dialogues with potential distributors interested in incorporating the bi-pin into their product portfolios are taking place.

The Capella 7W MR16 LED lamp was another crowd pleaser. This lamp serves as a replacement lamp for a 35W or 50W halogen MR16 downlighter lamp and is a showcase product for the company’s FreeDim™ technology. FreeDim™, as it was aptly summarised by Mario Gsellman, “is simplicity and module integration at its finest!” FreeDim™ will soon be integrated into an extended range of products.

Comments about the company’s CoolTube™ thermal management technology were equally encouraging. CoolTube was demonstrated in both stand-alone retrofit LED light engines and in a range of LED luminaires.

“We spoke to a few parties that saw particular value in the use of CoolTube™ for automotive head lamp lighting,” said Colin Andrew, the company’s Business Development Director. He further mentioned that “with many automotive manufacturers converting their head lamps to LED, the cooling of the high-power LEDs is a common problem encountered, due to the constraints of space and weight. This is where CoolTube™ offers significant value, providing exceptional cooling in a form factor that is extremely compact, light in weight and cost-effective, compared to conventional active or passive fin-based heat sink designs.” With automotive applications, natural airflow is available when the car is moving. This means auxiliary fans would only be needed to power up when the car is stationary.

“I was absolutely astonished by the unconventional approach towards cooling… MarulaLED was clearly thinking outside of the box,” said Gsellman. He added that "this sort of unconventional, innovative thinking reminds me of the novel sophistication displayed by Soraa’s co-founder and Nobel Prize winner, Prof. Nakamura".

“With Italy’s aptly celebrated design culture, to break into the Italian market you have to offer something truly unique – which is exactly where MarulaLED excels” said MarulaLED’s Technical Director, Ruud de Vaal.

With expressed interest from major European players, there are thoughts of opening a MarulaLED office in Italy to support European sales.