MarulaLED announces their 180W LED light engine

MarulaLED have announced the release of their new light engine based on 86 LEDs, the Avior 180. This light engine caters for high lumen output applications from 6,500 to 11,000 lumens, such as used in retail and industrial high and low bay luminaires.

The light engine is based on MarulaLED's patent-pending CoolTube™ technology and allows OEM lighting manufacturers to design and manufacture slim, contemporary luminaires without the ugly heatsink so clearly visible in most of today's high power LED luminaires.

The light engine was used to design and development a retail low bay luminaire, the Marula LB86 (developed together with our OEM Lighting Manufacturer partner, Mega-Lite). This luminaire was entered into the United States Department of Energy sponsored Next Generation Luminaires™ (NGL) Solid State Lighting (SSL) Design Competition.

In-situ temperature and TM-21 lumen maintenance reports were generated for the LB86 luminaire by an accredited testing laboratory, Luminaire Testing Laboratory. The L70 life time of the LEDs (time for light output to drop to 70% of initial value) was calculated as 244,000 hours, highlighting the remarkable cooling efficiency of the CoolTube™ technology.

Heatsink vs CoolTubeâ„¢ cooled Low Bays