Lux Live 2014

MarulaLED exhibited our technology and products for the first time in the United Kingdom at Lux Live 2014, held in London from the 19 – 20 November 2014.

The star of the show for MarulaLED was our SlimDrive™ technology. Previously we have demonstrated SlimDrive™ in our own LED lamp products, but for the first time we demonstrated the technology in a new product called LED Aid™. This is an external add-on adapter for any low-voltage (12V) LED lamp, such as MR16 downlights or G4 bi-pins. LED Aid™ broadens the transformer compatibility of any 12V LED lamp that uses a bi-pin base, allowing it to work off a far larger range of electronic transformers, but does this without utilizing significantly more power. Electronic transformers typically have minimum load requirements that make them incompatible with many of the low-voltage low-power LED lamps on the market.

“There was huge interest in our SlimDrive™ technology, probably the most we have had at any of the international trade shows at which we have exhibited over the last couple of years” said MarulaLED's business development director, Colin Andrew. He continued “demonstrating the technology in our LED Aid™ product was very effective at showing just how well SlimDrive™ works, as it could be demonstrated on other manufacturer's incompatible lamps. Visitors to our stand could take a low-voltage LED lamp from one of the big-name lighting suppliers, plug it onto an electronic transformer and observe that the lamp was not compatible with the transformer and would flicker or not come on at all. They could then add our external LED Aid™ adapter to the same lamp, re-connect the lamp to the same transformer and the lamp then worked perfectly while only drawing a fraction more power”.

As MarulaLED's Technical Director Ruud de Vaal found, “many visitors to our stand expressed their dislike of the trend in many countries, including that of the UK and South Africa, of removing the installed transformers and replacing the halogen MR16 downlights with 220V LED GU10s solutions. This trend is ludicrous when robust LED MR16 solutions - that can provide broad electronic transformer compatibility - are available!”. Ruud de Vaal further points out that “what proponents of GU10 conversions often forget is that GU10 still have a power supply integrated into the lamp, and this power supply generates significant heat. The fact that the power supply is miniaturized to fit into the GU10's small housing means that, at elevated temperatures, these power supplies simply do not last very long. The extra heat also means that the LEDs in the lamp now also burn hotter and hence their lifetime is reduced. And if you are in a country like South Africa where line power can suffer from significant voltage fluctuations, these small integrated power supplies are very susceptible to damage and failure. The external magnetic and electronic transformers used with LED MR16 installations are often cited as the weak point of this lighting solution, but these external transformers are far more robust than the power supplies integrated into the GU10s. By conversion from halogen to LED, you also reduce the load on the external transformer by this convertion and hence increase the transformer's lifespan (than what it would have lasted continuing to power a higher-power halogen lamp!).  And by integrating our FreeDim™ technology with the lamp, the lamp can be dimmed without a dimmer module using a conventional On/Off light switch, so this gets around dimming incompatibility of low-voltage lamps such as MR16s and G4s”.

How SlimDrive™ impressed at the show was aptly summarized by Aurora Lighting's Technical Director, Darren Casey, who stated that “[SlimDrive] is the best thing on the show”. Further discussions with Aurora Lighting on how MarulaLED's technology might be utilized by Aurora are ongoing. Aurora Lighting, a UK-based company, are a significant player in the lighting sector in South Africa, having done numerous projects in the country, including many with Growthpoint Properties, and they are also distributing their lamp products in wholesale and retail chains throughout the country, for example through co-branding with Ellies. One of Aurora Lighting's Growthpoint Properties projects won the International Project of the Year at the recent 2014 Lux Awards held as the concluding event to Lux Live 2014.

MarulaLED also demonstrated our CoolTube™ LED cooling technology at the show, as well as an LED Strip and LED Pole Light that utilize our new MainsDrive™ direct 110V/220V drive technology. We are following up with many parties interested in utilizing this technology in their products or in purchasing MarulaLED's products into which the technology is integrated.