CoolTube™ article published in Lighting in Design magazine

Today, manufacturers of premium quality LED lamps and luminaires all have access to the same high quality LEDs that are available from a handful of established chip suppliers. The LED used therefore no longer plays as significant a role in distinguishing a product from its competitors. Rather, it is superior system-level design that makes a particular product stand out from its peers. Thermal management is by far the most critical of these design considerations, as LED performance and lifetime are functions of its temperature. LEDs do not emit heat as infrared radiation like other light sources. Heat must be removed from the device by conduction or convection.

CoolTube™ is a novel thermal management technology that eliminates the use of aluminium and provides a compact, superior solution to the heat sink. It removes heat directly from the LEDs at the front side of the circuit board. This makes the use of metal-clad PCBs and aluminium heat sinks obsolete. LEDs are mounted on cost-effective, epoxy-resin PCBs. Each LED is surrounded by a number of small copper tubes. The tubes are heated via a short thermal path between the LED and tubes. Forced air (by a fan or other active method) through the tube removes the heat by convection.

The article appears on page 30 of the June 2012 issue of Lighting in Design magazine. Read the full article here or register for online access to the magazine.