CoolTube scores high in inaugural LED Magazine Sapphire Awards

MarulaLED recently entered their patented CoolTubeTM technology in the inaugural LEDs Magazine Sapphire Awards.

LEDs Magazine, at the forefront of the transition to LED-based lighting and serving as the leading conduit of information for developers working with LEDs in innovative applications, announced the new Sapphire Awards in 2014.

There are a lot of award programs active in the LED lighting industry, but most are specifically focused on lighting end-products. While the Sapphire Awards program recognized end-products, it focused more heavily on the enabling technologies that make compelling SSL products possible. "The true technology stars often go unrecognized in our society," said LEDs Magazine's editor Maury Wright. "We will seek to identify the true innovations and innovators that are driving the LED industry forward on an annual basis."

The hundreds of entries received were narrowed down to a list of those few that scored above 3.5 Sapphires. These were detailed in an article in the June issue of LEDs Magazine. The enabling technologies making this final list were judged to provide new capabilities and deliver outstanding performance. CoolTubeTM technology scored an impressive 3.5 Sapphires and was included in this illustrious list.

CoolTube is a thermal management method for achieving exceptional cooling of high-power LEDs, and achieves this cooling without the use of bulky, heavy, eco-unfriendly aluminum fin-based heat sinks. This allows for compact, light-weight, sleek and beautifully designed LED lamps and luminaires, whose well-cooled LEDs deliver on the promise of a product that stands the test of time!